Is Facebook dangerous?

In recent years we begun to use facebook, twitter and other social networking tools to better spread our thoughts.

Uppsala Forum Symposium

#Protest Baku: Is Azerbaijan next in line for a democratic revolution?  Following the so-called colour revolutions in other former Soviet republics many expected Azerbaijan to be the scene of the next popular uprising and ahead of parliamentary elections in 2005 there were great hopes.

12 million dollars and much more...

How you can smile while walking on ground where thousands people were living and have spent their life which was destroyed by you.


This is the only person I am afraid of.

Human Rights in Azerbaijan Ahead of 2013 Presidential Elections

In 2013, major rallies rolled over Azerbaijan. The government reacted immediately by arresting youth activists, starting a smear campaign in local media against US funded organizations, and shutting down pro-democracy projects in the country. In this most recent interview Geysar talked about civil unrest in Ismayilli, protests against soldier deaths and hazing in the army, as well as the arrest of NIDA youth movement activist that followed March demonstrations.