wednesday 17 november 2004 at 14h10

Categories : Politics, Economics

Corruption is one the main problems, I faced and heard about corruption many times in educational life, governmental procedures, in army and at police, 

For example you are not studying and you do not attend classes at university the only thing you have to do is to pay 500$-1500$ each year and you will get you diploma with satisfactory grade. You can be doctor even :)

Let me give examples that will interest you

1 - Regularly every Azerbaijan man have to be in army but if you pay 1000-1500$ than you are free not to go.

2 - You stole something from somewhere just pay and you will not go to jail

3 - If you want divorce in one hour you pay judge satisfactory amount of money and you are single :)

4 - You broke any rule in law. Do not be sad, because there is a choice just pay.

5 - If had fight in street with someone and you beaten up, and you are poor than you are the one guilty and police will arrest you, But if you sell your home or car that you pay to police that you are free :)

6 - You are not paying taxes that you have to pay. For example you have to pay 10.000 dollars but you pay tax officer 500$ and you are waived from taxes

I can write a lot and I will write all corruptions I know and I have heard and I have experienced.