What was going on...

saturday 17 november 2001 at 13h58

Categories : Economics

What I remember and know that Azerbaijan gained dependence very hardly wishing Azerbaijan will be free and all will be very happy that we live in Azerbaijan.

By 1993 we already was in war with Armenia and we have lost a lot of lands also civil war almist begun. Elchibey was forced to leave his presidential position and leave his positon to Heyder Eliyev. Heydey Eliyev was not as Elchibey. He knew what he will do and what will happen.

But what was the problem?

1 - Azerbaijan begun to get back lands occupied by Armenian. Even Azerbaijan army was next to Shusha and we all begun to think that we will win this war. Suddenly everything changed almost civil war begun and Azerbaijan was in position that it will be divided in 4 parts. In fact it was the game that was played by Iran and Russia. In which all sides win some but Azerbaijan loosed the game

2 - In 1994 Azerbaijan lost game again. Azerbaijan sold his future to foreign companies. Let us think this way you have 100 billion dollars that will be enough for Azerbaijan for 100 years.But we have already lost 10 billion dollars that means Azerbaijan have to get this money for 10 years from somewhere else which is impossible.

3 - Big loose is lands! Instead of to spend money on army to gain lands back we prefered to forget about was and choose peace whoch is not possible anyway and we begun spend money on other things.

to be continued...