They are still in hungerstrike

8 N!DA members are in 12th day of hungerstrike in jail.

Release political prisoners! #freedom #azadet

Today in New York we held protest against Azerbaijan Government

Amnesty International Launches Campaign Demanding Release of Imprisoned NIDA Activists

Amnesty International has launched a campaign to collect signatures for a petition demanding the release of the activists of NIDA Youth Movement arrested imrpisoned for political reasons. Amensty International's campaign page isĀ hereĀ .

Parents of Imprisoned NIDA Activists Join Hunger Strike of Their Children

BAKU. April 18, 2014: Yesterday, as the state prosecutor demanded unusually high prison sentences for the NIDA activists, they declared their decision to go on a hunger strike.

If I get arrested

Jeyhun Osmanov, a pro-government member of the Azerbaijani parliament today stated that he submitted an audio-recording to the Azerbaijani Attorney General's Office capturing Khadija Ismayilova's conversation with the US Senate Staffers whom he believes to be the US spies.