Azerbaijani Blogger, Editor Sentenced To Lengthy Jail Terms

An opposition journalist and an antigovernment blogger have been sentenced to lengthy jail terms in Baku. 

US Senate Hearing on Eurasian Partnership: What to Do With Belarus and Azerbaijan?

WASHINGTON, DC. November 15, 2013: The leading US lawmaker and the Eurasian watchers on Thursday expressed their concerns over the future of US/European dealing with countries like Belarus and Azerbaijan, ahead of the Eastern Partnership Summit that will take place in Vilnius later this month, TURAN’s Washington correspondent reports.

Samir Yahyazade and Rasul Jafarov in New York

Jafarov coordinated the efforts of numerous local civil society activists to advocate for the protection of human rights and democratic values in Azerbaijan. Together, they reached out to foreign diplomats, journalists, and regulators ahead of the contest to “lobby for the implementation of specific democratic reforms.”

Washington Forum and my expectations

I had good opportunity to meet friends again especially Rasul Jafarov and Rebecca Vincent

Regime applies a red herring

Immediately after the presidential elections in Azerbaijan, and the third inauguration of the President Ilham Aliyev, the regime’s repressive machine was immediately brought into action.