Time for actions against Azerbaijan

In his Wall Street Journal article David J. Kramer is calling on the US to start applying sanctions against Azerbaijani leaders. Here is the full piece:

Journalism students highlight plight of jailed journalists with bracelets

US university group launch Press Uncuffed project to raise money

This Journalist’s Jailing May Mean The End Of Free Speech In Azerbaijan

The jailing of Azerbaijan’s leading investigative journalist has rights activists and observers worried the country is intent on stamping out all dissent whatsoever.

A court in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, ordered Radio Free Liberty reporter Khadija Ismayilova (pictured above left) to spend two months in pretrial detention on Friday for allegedly nearly driving her boyfriend to suicide.

U.S. Citizen Said Nuri Allowed to Leave Azerbaijan, His Sexual Video Posted on the Internet

BAKU. September 12, 2014: Yesterday, the Azerbaijani government finally allowed Said Nuri, a U.S. citizen, to leave the country.

Press Release

In May, 2014 the group of Azerbaijani human rights activists and lawyers were invited by two leading human rights activists - Leyla Yunus and Rasul Jafarov to work on the single reconciled list of political prisoners.