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U.S. Citizen Said Nuri Allowed to Leave Azerbaijan, His Sexual Video Posted on the Internet

BAKU. September 12, 2014: Yesterday, the Azerbaijani government finally allowed Said Nuri, a U.S. citizen, to leave the country.

Press Release

In May, 2014 the group of Azerbaijani human rights activists and lawyers were invited by two leading human rights activists - Leyla Yunus and Rasul Jafarov to work on the single reconciled list of political prisoners. 

Azerbaijan detains prominent human rights activists in fresh crackdown

Azerbaijan has detained at least four of the country’s most prominent human rights activists, prompting fears that authorities are intensifying efforts to silence campaigners ahead of the world’s first European Games in Baku next summer.

Azerbaijan prosecutes a prominent human rights defenderon absurd charges

WHEN AN autocrat who is intolerant of dissent begins to see spies and traitors around, it is a good time to be alert.

Azerbaijan Government Stop Repression!

Recent weeks showed that Azerbaijan is suppressing opposition sounds more harshly than before